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Switzerland Triumphs Over Hungary in Euro 2024 Opener: A Dynamic Start

Switzerland Triumphs Over Hungary in Euro 2024 Opener: A Dynamic Start Jun, 16 2024

Switzerland Kicks Off Euro 2024 with a Commanding Win Over Hungary

Switzerland marked their Euro 2024 debut impressively, defeating Hungary 3-1 in a match that showcased tactical discipline and tenacity. The victory underscored the talents of several Swiss players, including Kwadwo Duah and Michel Aebischer, who each celebrated their first international goals. The triumph promises a compelling campaign for Switzerland, eager to replicate their outstanding performance in Euro 2020, where they made it to the quarter-finals.

The game began with an electric atmosphere, heightened by the stakes of a major tournament opener. Switzerland wasted no time in asserting their dominance. By the 12th minute, Kwadwo Duah, a 27-year-old forward born in London, opened the scoring. Duah’s goal was a moment of personal achievement, as he paved his way into national headlines through his dual heritage from Ghana and Switzerland. Michel Aebischer’s role in the goal was significant, as he provided an assist that displayed precision and vision.

Michel Aebischer Shines with a Remarkable Strike

But Aebischer, playing with exceptional confidence, was not content with just an assist. As the first half neared its end, he launched a long-range strike that found the back of the net, doubling Switzerland’s lead. His goal was a testament to his remarkable skill and timing, and it provided the team with a crucial cushion before they headed to the locker rooms for halftime.

On the other side, Hungary struggled to find their rhythm, especially during the first half, which their coach Marco Rossi later described as disappointing. The team sought to regroup and come back stronger in the second half. Their efforts bore some fruit in the 66th minute when Barnabas Varga managed to reduce the deficit. Varga’s goal infused hope into the Hungarian side and offered a glimpse of their potential resilience.

However, Swiss efficiency and concentration ensured that Hungary could not build any further momentum. Murat Yakin, Switzerland’s head coach, was pivotal in orchestrating the win. He had faced rumors of rifts within the team earlier; the players and coach reportedly resolved their differences in a meeting over dinner, which included ‘plenty of wine’. This anecdote captures the human element behind professional sports – the importance of chemistry, communication, and a touch of camaraderie in building a strong team spirit.

Breel Embolo Adds the Finishing Touch

The match concluded as Breel Embolo, Switzerland’s dynamic forward, sealed the victory with a stoppage-time goal. His finish was clinical and reaffirmed the superiority that Switzerland displayed throughout the match. The 3-1 scoreline stands as a testament to solid team performance and effective game strategy.

Looking ahead, Switzerland’s confidence is palpable as they prepare to face Scotland in their next group matchup. Coach Murat Yakin will likely continue to harness the strong team tactics that brought success in their opener. For Hungary, the road ahead appears challenging as they are set to encounter hosts Germany next. Coach Marco Rossi recognized the uphill battle that lies ahead and openly acknowledged his team's need for improvement.

Leading Switzerland's ambitions is their captain, Granit Xhaka. Renowned for his leadership and midfield prowess, Xhaka symbolizes the team's resilience and aspirations. Having previously showcased his capabilities in Euro 2020, Xhaka and his teammates are driven to weave a similar, if not better, story this time around.

The Euro 2024 journey has just begun, and if this match is any indication, fans can expect a tournament filled with excitement, talent, and memorable moments. Switzerland’s strong start has set the stage, and they aim to maintain their momentum as the competition progresses.


In retrospect, Switzerland’s thrilling victory over Hungary is more than just a good start; it signifies the team's potential and their unified drive. With players like Kwadwo Duah and Michel Aebischer emerging as new stars alongside seasoned performers like Granit Xhaka, Switzerland's blend of fresh talent and experienced leadership could be the key to a successful Euro 2024 campaign. As the tournament unfolds, the anticipation builds, with every match promising to be a must-watch event for football enthusiasts around the globe.

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