Gate Motor Johannesburg Testimonials

What People Have To Say About Gate Motor Johannesburg.

Mr I. Smith

Gate Motor Johannesburg repaired my gate motor within no time at all. We have been struggling to get someone to fix our gate motor and most time we were given an expensive quote because we know that our gate motor is still new so we were sure that the problem is small. And your engineer told us that the cause to the problem is due to soil getting in the motor and provided us with a solution to minimize the problem in the future!

Ms W. Wilson

I bumped into my gate and my gate motor stopped working completely and I didn’t think it would be such an extensive damage and I required gate repairs and gate motor repairs. Thanks to Gate Motor Johannesburg both were fixed within the same day and compared to the quotes I collected yours was reasonable and your engineers did a wonderful job with the repairs. Thank you very much!

Mr P. Gregory

I had been experiencing problems with gate motor and I didn’t even have an idea what the problem is. I was hesitant to call someone and pay them just to take a look but when I heard Gate Motor Repairs provides a free inspections I was like good shot maybe they can tell me what the problem is and yes, I found out the problem and I also requested it to be fixed. Gate Motor Johannesburg engineer was able to fix my gate motor and I loved the fact that you included the supplies I needed within the quote. My gate motor has been working well ever since and I am thankful guys!

Mrs L. Yankee

I booked Gate Motor Johannesburg engineers and they came through to my place and did a quick installation of the new gate motor I had purchased and I should say that your level of customer service is amazing. Thank you for such a professional service!